How It Works

The Short Answer:

The Longer Answer: is a video eCommerce platform that can help you teach online, monetize and sell video online, or start your own online video eCommerce site. We help you start teaching and selling video online!

Are You A:
- Teacher looking to teach online or make supplementary income teaching online?
- Video business owner trying to start an online video eCommerce site and monetize video online?
- Individual looking to sell video online?

Our web based video solution can help you! Solutions:

1) Selling through the Website:

Our sites video catalog contains 1000’s of video on a variety of different subjects. Simply upload your video to our database to begin selling. Your video will appear on our site, as well as be search-able from Google and you-tube. Sign up and start selling today.

2) Selling via a Personalize Teacher Storefront:

For premiere users we offer the ability to run a “storefront” to sell all your videos. This storefront will have its own domain, color scheme, and logo to match that of your website or the setup of your choice. You can turn your own URL into a destination and hot spot for video material on your topic by linking it direct from your website and other social media. For more info on this option contact us HERE

If you’re looking to expand your business into Online Video eCommerce by selling video online or offering DVD content as a video on-demand rental, PowerLearning21 can help provide you with a fully functional platform to achieve your goals. They provide online video management, a secure online video ecommerce platform, and the ability to profit from selling video online. Click here to learn How It Works and About Us. Take that Youtube!

Get Involved in the Community: is a media hub for teachers, tutors and students across the world, providing educational content on a variety of topics. PowerLearning21, or “PL21” for short, provides a state of the art content-sharing platform that allows “teachers” or “tutors” to upload instructional videos to be purchased by other users, “students”. PL21 defines these terms lightly, as anyone can be a teacher or student in a given subject provided they have background or prior knowledge of the topic.

Teachers upload instructional videos (called Classes) on every subject imaginable and students can view them for just US$2.99.  Watch the first 2 minutes of any video for free!  The small fee is used to help pay for the hosting and maintenance of the PL21 site as well as pay the teachers for their time and effort in creating great video.  When a student views a teachers uploaded video the teacher gets to share in the profits of the rental!

The interactive community environment that PL21 is creating pulls from the life blood of passionate teachers and eager-to-learn students from across the world to create a really intriguing concept. PL21 thrives on the fact that teachers will always want to teach, students will always want to learn, and the continually cluttering market of free video content will in time be too difficult to search for quality material.

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